Members Training

New to the hobby or returning after a break, this is your page for help, guidance and reference to the essential information for safe and enjoyable model flying.
Change is constantly with us and whilst every care is taken to ensure the links and material presented here is current and valid, do check with the original source such as the British Model Flying Association (BMFA), UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Winchester MAC Committee or other body referenced in the texts below.

Training Contacts :
Dave Durnford – BMFA Examiner Fixed Wing, Qualified Instructor (FW), Registration Competency Certificate (RCC)
Additionally: Winchester MAC ‘Committee Members’ see link on this web site

Completely New To The Hobby

Don’t buy anything! …. Yet.Contact the Club Membership Secretary or other committee member to arrange a visit to the club’s secured site. Your nominated host will then be pleased to show you the variety of models, equipment and general operation of these. They will explain the site rules and no doubt introduce you to a few members,Subject to suitable conditions and equipment, it may be possible to experience a trial Radio Control model flight. You can at least observe different types of model being flown. Sport, Scale, Gliders, Fast, Slow, Large & Small, with power provided by i/c engines and electric motors or in the case of pure gliders the lift of thermals, may be seen. With your appetite whetted, your host will be able to assist your next steps including club membership, joining the BMFA, the governing body for most UK model flying and which provides essential 3rd Party Insurance.

Flight Training For All

Whether a complete novice and newcomer to the hobby or someone with previous model flight experience, safe and effective operation of model aircraft is essential.To fly and operate solo and unsupervised, all club members are required to gain a minimum of a BMFA Achievement ‘A’ Test proficiency standard. This requires the pilot to demonstrate a few basic manoeuvres and answer some relevant questions. (See BMFA Achievement Scheme Web Site For Full Details).
Subsequently, more advanced achievements can be undertaken and specialised knowledge and skills developed, focussing perhaps on a specific type of model.Here are a few of the recommended items from the BMFA which, in conjunction with your practical training and instructor’s guidance, will explain in greater detail how to operate and fly your model aircraft safely, efficiently and enjoyable.